Travel and Accommodations

Updated 09/17/2017

The conference is being held in Sumy, Ukraine. Below find specific details about travel to and from the conference.

Experience Sumy

Wikipedia says –

Sumy was founded in 1652 at the bank of the Psel River (a left tributary of the Dnieper) as a Cossack fortress. It was intended to protect Sloboda Ukraine from the Crimean Tatar attacks. After their attacks ceased and the territory was incorporated into the Russian Empire, Sumy evolved into an important economical centre, mainly focusing on sugar industry.

During the Revolution of 1905, Sumy was one of several areas which became famous throughout Russia for in effect having established an independent peasant republic; the Sumy Republic was established by a peasant union.[4]

During the German occupation of Ukraine during World War II (1941 – 1944), Sumy sustained heavy damage. Sumy was occupied from October 10, 1941 to September 2, 1943. After the war, the destroyed parts of the city were built anew. Sumy has been a twin town of Celle, Germany since January 17, 1990.

The city used to be divided into two urban raions (districts), Zarichny and Kovpakovsky, and 13 micro-raions. The first were dissolved in 2006.[5]

Getting to the Conference.

If you need help getting the conference. Please contact us. 

VISA Requirements

  • VISA needs for getting into Ukraine vary from country to country. If you are traveling from a country that requires a VISA, we need to get you the proper documentation for the trip. During the registration process please be sure to specify your passport details.
  • If you need further assistance us the Contact Us form.

Accommodations during the conference

Arrangements will be made as part of the registration.

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