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Updated 04/22/2018

The conference is being held in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Below find specific details about travel to and from the conference.

Wikipedia says –






Vinnytsia – Вінниця

Coordinates: 49°14′N 28°29′E Coordinates: 49°14′N 28°29′E
Oblast Vinnytsia Oblast
Founded 1363
Population (2015)  372,484

Vinnytsia (Ukrainian: Ві́нниця, translit. Vinnycja, pronounced [ˈʋinːɪtsʲɐ]; Russian: Ви́нница, translit. Vinnica; Polish: Winnica; German: Winniza, and Romanian: Vinița) is a city in west-central Ukraine, located on the banks of the Southern Bug.

It is the administrative center of Vinnytsia Oblast and the largest city in the historic region of Podillia. Administratively, it is incorporated as a town of oblast significance. It also serves as an administrative center of Vinnytsia Raion, one of the 27 districts of Vinnytsia Oblast, though it is not a part of the district. Population: 372,484 (2015 est.)[2]

The city’s roots date back to the Middle Ages and it was under Polish control for centuries until the Russian Empire annexed it in 1793. During 1930s and early 1940s the city was the site of massacres, first during Stalin’s purges and then during the Holocaust in Ukraine and the Nazi occupation. A Cold War-era airbase was located near the city.

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Getting to the Conference.

If you need help getting the conference. Please contact us. 

VISA Requirements

  • VISA needs for getting into Ukraine vary from country to country. If you are traveling from a country that requires a VISA, we need to get you the proper documentation for the trip. During the registration process please be sure to specify your passport details.
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Accommodations during the conference

Arrangements will be made as part of the registration.

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