Faculty for Conference in 2019

Updated 04/29/2019

Faculty for Kharkiv 2018

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Faculty for Vinnytsia 2018

Erin Arant, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist, USA/Ukraine  Erin received her Master’s of Occupational Therapy from the Medical College of Georgia in the United States. She has since moved to Kyiv, Ukraine to live and practice. She is one of two licensed occupational therapists in the country and is working with her colleague to pioneer the profession. She also practices privately and sees patients in many different spheres including school systems, community practice, and outpatient therapy settings. She participates in outreaches to local institutions for people with disabilities and provides both therapeutic services and trainings for staff. Additionally, she is a practioner of Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) and uses this knowledge when working with patients and families, who have experienced complex developmental trauma as part of a holistic approach to care.

Martin Bac, Family Medicine, Prime Tutor, South Africa  Dr. Bac is a Senior Family Physician in the Department of Family Medicne, University of Pretoria.  His main interests are awhole person medicine, rural health, primary health care and quality improvement projects.  He graduated from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and worked 22 years in the Netherlands and 22 years in South Africa.

Ibrat Djarrbrov  Ibrat Djarrbrov is a healthcare professional working in global digital health. A natural consultant he enjoys helping organizations create better healthcare through developing strategies, improving systems and engaging stakeholders. He is a doctoral student at Cranfield School of Management.


Janet Gallaher Family Medicine, PRIME Tutor, England  Dr. Gallaher is a Family Medicine Practitioner (GP). She trained and is now based in Sheffield following an early career as a doctor and medical officer in the British Royal Army Medical Corps.  She is an honorary lecturer and teacher of medical undergraduates at all stages of training at Sheffield University Medical School.  She is a PRIME tutor and regional lead co-ordinator. She has participated in PRIME team teaching opportunities in Ghana, Kentucky, Bosnia, Nigeria and UK.  She attends a large Anglican Church in Sheffield where she also teaches a ladies Bible study group,assists with a soup kitchen and the local Street Pastors.

Ruslana Kharkovenko, M.D.  Associate Professor Dept of Public Health,  Vinnitsa National Medical University, Ukraine – Dr. Kharkovenko is an associate professor in the Department of Public Health at the Vinnitsa National Medical University.  She completed an internship in ophthalmology.  She currently is the chairman of the subcommittee of health of the public council at the Vinnytsa Regional State Administration.  She is a member of the Board of  the National Network of Children’s Palliative care in Ukraine.  She  is  a TV journalist and regularly hosts a program “Our Health.”

Lars Ljungstrom, M.D. Physician – Infectious Disease, Sweden  – Lars Ljungström is a specialist in Infectious Diseases with over twenty five years of experience.  He is on the medical staff of Skaraborg Hospital in Skövde, Sweden.  His wife is a pediatric psychologist and together they have 4 adult children.   Apart from service at their local church, he and his wife enjoy outdoor activities.  Currently, they are hosting two refugees from Syria in their home.  For the past nine years he has been traveling to a Christian Medical Center outside Mombasa, Kenya, helping with the care and management of HIV patients.


Ifeanyi Onah, M.D.   Orthopedic Surgeon, Nigeria – Dr. Ifeany Onah is a consultant Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon with the National Orthopaedic Hospital in Enugu. He is serving as the Enugu State chairperson of Healthcare Christian Fellowship Nigeria. He also is an ordained minister of the Anglican communion (Enugu diocese, Nigeria) serving at chapel of Pentecost Federal Neuropsychiatric hospital, Enugu.


Rick Paul,  Thoracic Surgeon,  Regional Director for ICMDA Eurasia, Netherlands — Dr. Paul is a consultant thoracic surgeon working at the Free University Hospital in Amsterdam. He is married to Ineke Paul, who works part-time as doctor in pediatric preventive medicine. They have 2 sons and 2 daughters, all teachers, and 2 granddaughters and 1 grandson.


Jim Peipon,  Pediatrician, President and Medical Director of Ukraine Medical Outreach, USA/Ukraine – Dr. Peipon is a pediatrician trained in pediatric hematology/oncology. He practiced medicine in Salisbury, Maryland where he was the founding pediatrician of a private pediatric clinic which he led for 20 years. During this time he also served as the Chief of Pediatrics at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury. He now serves as the president and medical director of Ukraine Medical Outreach, Inc. He regularly speaks on topics such as the importance of faith in medicine, how to deal with suffering, a Christian philosophy of medicine and how to share your faith within the medical context. He organizes conferences to improve the care of children with disabilities and HIV/AIDS and has been active in mentoring students of the medical professions. He has been married to his wife, Marianna, for 33 years. They have two daughters, one son and five grandchildren.

Grace Petkovic, Family Physician, England  Grace Petkovic/Watson is a junior doctor, currently working in renal medicine, in Liverpool,UK. During her studies at Oxford, Grace realized how ethics concerning the embryo impacted some key clinical decisions in medicine. She became interested in determining what principles could guide medics in making correct ethical judgments. Grace is newly married to one of our other speakers, Joseph Watson.

Elena Pokryshko  Microbiologist, Ternopil, Ukraine  Olena Pokryshko, MD, PhD, is an Assistant Professor, the head of Microbiological]\and Parasitological Reseachers Laboratory and member of Winogradsky Society of Microbiologists of Ukraine.  After graduation from medical university, she held the position of doctor at the Rustavi’s Urban Clinic, Georgia.  She then became a doctor at Pidvolochisk’s District Hospital in Ukraine.  Currently, she teaches microbiology, virology, and immunology at Ternopil State Medical University.  She has over 10 years of teaching experience.


Carol Rowley, R.N.  Throughout her career as a nurse she has worked as a staff nurse in a hospital, a nurse practitioner in an internal medicine clinic, and an educator in BSN programs in Asia. Currently, she is living in the US and is involved in healthcare education at a variety of venues, including conferences. She enjoys helping students achieve excellence in their provision of health care, including providing holistic care.



Yulia Starodubets  Pediatrician, Krygystan/Ukraine Dr. Yulia Starodubets graduated and received her medical degree in 2004 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.  She has specialized in the field of pediatrics.  Yulia initially taught pediatrics at Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, then at the International School of Medicine to international students from 2006. She also provided medical care to children in clinics.

Yulia became a follower of Jesus Christ during her student years and since that moment started to serve to Him at church and through participation in the  Christian Medical Society of Kyrgyzstan. She believes that God can use our education and knowledge for His glory.

Dr. Yulia is married with pastor Oleg Starodubets and they have two twins daughters.


Joseph Watson  Family Physician, England  Joe Watson is a junior doctor currently working at the Royal Liverpool Hospital in the UK. While studying in Manchester, Joe co-founded the award-winning Manchester Global Health Society and completed a Masters in Humanitarianism and Conflict Response. He has a strong interest in other health systems and recently traveled on short-term medical trips in Sierra Leone and Tanzania. He is married to Grace, who also works as a doctor.


Nancy Wespetal  Family Physician, USA/Ukraine – Nancy Wespetal is a board-certified family physician who has spent the last 20 years in Russia and Ukraine serving in various capacities.  Her main interests are medical evangelism, helping patients in rural areas and teaching medical students and residents the family medicine she has been practicing for 30 years

Manfred Wieser, Dermatologist, Austria – Manfred Wieser, born and raised in Salzburg, Austria, completed his studies in medicine at the University of Innsbruck and earned his diploma in Dermatology at the Medical University of Salzburg. Tropical medicine in a rural area in Cameroon, West Africa, as well as a clinical fellowship in Dallas, Texas belongs to his medical experience. Coming to Christ as a teen, his main focus in Christian belief is in looking at scripture and making this message vivid and applicable for daily life.
Manfred is running a praxis for Dermatology together with his wife, Eva, and is a member of a Christian church in Salzburg, where he regularly teaches the bible.