Update 07/09/2017

We gratefully acknowledge the following organizations for participating and supporting the 2107 Young Medicial Professionals Conference.

Please review the complete list below. All the logos are not represented. 

We look forward to having many partners in 2018.

Center for Health in Mission

This organization was started in 2006 out of recognition for the need for more resources for those involved in short term medical missions.  The initial focus was to develop standards of practice for teams going from their home nation to another nation.  As the organization grew it developed into a network of people devoted to a fuller understanding of health around the world.  The Center is committed to helping those involved in health related missions to do their work with excellence. The center serves the global church so that together with health care professionals can deepen their understanding of health and the churches role in health and healing.

Christian Medical Association of Ukraine

Christian Medical Dental Association of Sweden

Christian Medical Fellowship of the United Kingdom

The Christian Medical Fellowship unites and equips Christian doctors. We were formed in 1949 and currently have over 4,000 UK doctors and around 800 UK medical students as members.

The aims of this organization are:

  • Discipleship – to unite Christian doctors and medical students in Christ and encourage them to deepen their faith, live like Christ and serve him obediently, particularly through acting competently and with compassion in their medical practice.
  • Evangelism – to encourage Christian doctors and medical students to be witnesses for Christ amongst all those they meet.
  • Mission – to mobilise and support all Christian doctors, medical students and other health care students and professionals, in serving Christ throughout the world.
  • Values – to promote Christian values in society, especially, but not limited to, the areas of bioethics and healthcare.

Healthcare Christian Fellowship International


HCFI collaborates with all people of good will to deliver integral healthcare globally. HCFI was founded 80 years ago and has partners in more than 100 countries.

We have three priorities: 1) to make use of every opportunity to bring integral healthcare to those who are medically under-served, especially among marginal groups of society, 2) to equip care-givers to keep on improving the quality of care they provide, and 3) to focus on three strategic aims: equipping witnesses in the workplace in healthcare, doing medical outreaches and providing integral community health.

Thus we seek to fulfill the Great Commission in the health fields of the world.

International Christian Medical Dental Association

ICMDA LogoICMDA is a 51 year old association of 75 member countris that brings together Christian physicians and dentists. We have the following vision, “To be a Christian witness through doctors and dentists in every community in every nation.” Our mission is to start and strengthen Christian National Medical and Dental movements through calling, fellowship, equipping and service.

International Christian Medical Association of Ukraine

ICMA Ukraine is an organization of foreign students studying in the medical professions, whether medicine, nursing , dentistry or pharmacy. Our vision is to preparing students and healthcare professionals for academic excellence with a Christian perspective to bring healing to the whole person in order to impact the world.

Our mission is to promote Christian fellowship among its members, mobilize members for academic excellence in healthcare, train members to be effective leaders both professionally and spiritually and equip members for service and missions wherever they live.

Medical Education International

MEI logo

MEI sends medical and dental professionals and other health professionals to provide advanced education to colleagues and students in other nations in response to requests from governments, medical facilities, medical schools and Christian medical groups. MEI’s motto is “Teaching to Transform.” MEI’s vision is to see Christian colleagues in every nation transforming the world through excellent Christ-centered health care.

Most commonly MEI teams teach doctors who are faculty at medical and/or dental schools or residency programs. Some teams teach residents, students, and other health-care personnel. MEI teams also teach at Christian Medical and Dental conferences for graduate doctors and students.

Ministry Support


Ministry Support is an organization developed by Steve Sparks. They serve others by assisting with ministry projects, such as the development of websites. Ministry Support helps missionaries and ministry leaders learn to plan and execute the everyday and necessary administrative, logistical and procedural tasks of their ministries. It helps others to make their projects simpler, more efficient and in standardized ways. Ministry Support helps leaders learn how to plan, conduct and evaluate events and projects that can take them away from their ministry, mission, and church planting. For more information look at

Mission to the World Medical Ministry


Villages around the world have poor access to health care. MTW medical clinics provide missionaries and local church members a way to meet a tangible need in the community as well as build relationships and introduce others to Christ. Because we are always connected with a national church, there’s opportunity for long-term spiritual connections and follow up. Medical clinics is a great way for doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to use their expertise for God’s kingdom.

Nursing Christian Fellowship International


The Purpose of NCFI is to connect Christian nurses around the world, equipping them to live out their faith in professional practice.

The Mission of NCFI is to equip and encourage Christian nurses to integrate Biblical principles and Christ-centered values in clinical practice, leadership, education and research.

Our Values are built on God’s love and care for us (John 3:16) and His work through us as nursing professionals (Matthew 25: 34-40).” I was sick and you looked after me (Matt. 25:36).” Our foundation is in the fear and love of God. As nurses within NCFI, we identify our values as integrity, respect, unity, love and equity.

The aims of NCFI are to encourage Christian nurses and nursing students to live out their faith in compassionate professional practice, deepen the spiritual life and cultural awareness of Christian nurses and nursing students around the world, promote friendship, communication, connection and collaboration among Christian nurses, support regional NCFI Councils and national NCF organizations in their ministry with nurses and empower Christian nurses to examine and apply scripture as it relates to professional practice, equip and support the development of nurse leaders around the world and represent Christian nursing in the global nursing and healthcare arena.

Partners in International Medical Education


PRIME is an international network of professional healthcare educators, committed to integrating rigorous science and compassionate care for the whole person.

It encourages and supports healthcare professionals to practice and teach sound scientific knowledge and clinical skills, to consider the effects of illness on the whole person – body, mind and spirit – and to provide care with integrity and generous compassion.

We do this through delivering teaching programs and training and resourcing healthcare educators around the world with teaching skills and materials that present evidence for the global health benefits of this approach, and illustrate the practice of patient-centred healthcare.

Over a billion people worldwide lack access to even the most basic healthcare, often because there are no healthcare workers.

Train a healthcare worker and you can help save lives.

Train a healthcare educator and you can help save thousands of lives.

Sumy State University

Sumy State University implements the idea of a European university in our style, technologies, research and education quality, focus on innovation, strong democratic traditions, academic freedom, atmosphere of creative work and publicity.

The University currently serves about 1300 foreign students from more than 50 countries of Europe, Middle East, Southern-Eastern Asia, Africa, Australia and North America. The Preparatory Department at SSU offers Russian and Ukrainian language courses to help foreign students succeed. Moreover, such majors as Medicine, Computer Science and Management are taught in English.

Sumy State Medical University

Sumy State Medical University is at the top educational level of accreditation. In 2016 year more than 200 teachers, among them 25 doctors of sciences, 150 candidates of sciences, including Honored educational workers of Ukraine, laureates of State prize of Ukraine perform educational, scientific, clinical and training at 17 medical departments and 7 general departments of Sumy State University. Medical Institute provides high quality education to foreign students who are looking for quality education at an affordable course fees. Medical Institute prepares specialists along the following education-qualification levels: specialists for the following specialties: “General medicine”, “Preventive medicine” and “Dentistry”, different postgraduate educational specialties.

In the under graduate educational program, during six years of study the students study different fundamental and clinical disciplines. Studing encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of diseases. Modern medicine applies health science, biomedical and genetic researches and medical technology to diagnose and treat injury and disease, through medication, surgery, or some other forms of treatment. Medical institute is widely known for its many innovative teaching, practical training and research programs with international cooperation.

Ukraine Medical Outreach


UMO ministers to the unreached and underserved in Ukraine by equipping Christians and Christian medical professionals to proclaim and demonstrate the love of God to their colleagues and patients.

Relationships with medical colleagues, patients and their families are developed through conferences organized by UMO in the area of childhood disabilities, conferences for students of the medical professions and work with children and families affected by HIV/AIDS. Through these relationships students and medical professionals are encouraged to become more effective providers of healthcare with increased competence, compassion and Christ-likeness. Through ministry to the patients and their families compassion is modeled to the medical staffs.