History of ICMA Ukraine

Updated 07/10/2016


The beginnings of ICMA Ukraine began in 2010 when foreign students studying in Ukraine attended the annual meeting of the Young Christian Medical Association of Ukraine.  Inspired by this meeting William Lamptey (Ternopil State Medical Institute) discussed with Rostyslav Semikov (CMA Ukraine) and Jim Peipon (Ukraine Medical Outreach) the possibility of a similar conference to encourage foreign students studying in Ukraine in the medical professions. William met with Gift Elenga (Ternopil State Medical Institute) and Funom Makama (Ternopil State Medical Institute). With prayer they encouraged one another and began contacting friends at other medical institutes in Ukraine. The idea quickly spread to Kingsley Emesiobi (Lugansk State Medical Institute), James Okafor (Sumy State Medical Instiute), Leslie Ako (Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Poltava), Joseph Ansong (Bukovinian State Medical Institute, Chernivtsi) and Daniel Bassana (Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical Institute) and Godwin Efobi (Odessa National Medical Institute).   A leadership council was formed to promote Christian fellowship at each of their institutes.  We give thanks to these men for being used mightily by God during their student years.

As the leaders, they decided to convene a conference inviting students both foreign and national from all over Ukraine to participate.  There were approximately 100 students who attended that first meeting.  This was a great encouragement to the leadership council.  It was decided to hold the next conference in 2011 in Ternopil.  The council asked Ukraine Medical Outreach (Jim Peipon), the Christian Medical Association of Ukraine (Rostyslav Semikov) and Christian Missionary Fellowship (June Johnson) to act as senior advisors.

Since then there has been an annual conference each year hosted in a different city each year, Chernivsty (2012), Kharkov (2013), Odessa (2014), Poltava (2015), Ivano Frankivsk (2016), Sumy (2017) and Vinnytsia (2018) and now Kharkov (2019).  The conference has grown in size and features an international faculty recruited from 10-12 partnering organizations and the same number of countries. These conferences are known for their excellent medical teaching and how to apply appropriately the Christian faith to the field of medicine, nursing, dentistry, and pharmacy.  The major goal of these conferences continues to be helping participants grow professionally and spiritually.

The leadership council has also grown over time as well. It now includes members from nine of the 14 medical institutes in Ukraine.  They would like to see fellowships begin in all of the institutes. Each of the fellowships determines their own goals some emphasize academic training, some medical outreaches, but all emphasize that God is the creator and giver of the gifts and talents (intellect) they possess allowing medical professionals to be His instruments of healing both physically and spiritually.