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Updated 07/9/2016 – Watch the 2016 Highlights Video! 

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Thank you for considering joining us for the

8th International Christian Conference

for Young Medical Professionals in

Sumy, Ukraine.

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OCTOBER 20-22, 2017


15672619_1146103962172928_4590231707912930497_nThe conference is a time to get to know experts in many fields of study as well as time to get to know others who are currently in your field of study. in 2016 (2016 Video,   2015 video) we had over 600 participating (in 2015 attendance was over 400).  from all over the world. It was a good opportunity to make contacts with world wide medical organizations, learn new skills and experience one on one conversations and connect with other medical professionals and grow spiritually.  We are dedicated to making this experience one where you are able to take the knowledge and expertise from the conference into exam room During the 2016 Conference we had attendees come from more than 31 countries. We invite you to travel and attend in October 2017!

Poltava4 2015Add your unique culture and country to the international efforts to equip young medical professionals both professionally and spiritually.Turkanik 2015 Want to know more about our organization? We have written a short history. 

Vinod Shah with students

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