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Recent Update: Master Classes and Faculty

The International Christian Medical Association of Ukraine (ICMAU) Kharkiv branch is pleased to host the 10th Annual International Christian Conference for Young Medical Professionals. It is a well-established Christian Medical Organization whose membership is made up of medical students from two medical schools in the city of Kharkov, V. N Karazin Kharkov National Medical University (Karazin) and Kharkiv National Medical University (KNMU). A third recently established medical university, Kharkiv International Medical University has agreed to be the venue for this year’s conference of ICMAU.

Theme: The Health Care Professional and the Good Fight of Faith. 

Call for Papers: Closed


In 2009 the first annual conference was held in Kharkiv using the facilities of New Hope Church. At that conference, there were only two speakers and 100 participants. The conference has grown in size and attendance now averages 500 students. Attending students come from 35 plus countries, primarily Africa, the Middle East, and India. Speakers come from 13 countries and represent 8 major Christian medical organizations. The conference now is rotated around Ukraine and seeks to involve students from every medical university in Ukraine.

The Kharkiv Branch has been a great example for other Christian Medical Fellowship branches in Ukraine.  They try to follow the vision of ICMAU to prepare students and healthcare professionals for academic excellence with a Christian perspective, in order to bring healing to the whole person and to impact the world.  They seek to follow the mission of the organization to promote Christian fellowship amongst its members, mobilize its members for academic excellence in healthcare, train members to be leaders both professionally and spiritually and equip members for service and missions wherever they live.  These vision and mission statements were crafted by the leadership council itself.

With a current membership of over a hundred students, the association is run by fourteen members from ICMAU Karazin and six from ICMAU KNMU. Though each group is autonomous, both institutions organize the same events during the calendar year. The activities of the association are clearly divided into two parts. One part focuses on academic issues and the second focuses on missions.

Regarding the academic sphere, ICMAU Kharkiv provides many tutorials for all levels of education in medical institutions, practical sessions for interested students and lend out medical literature and books. These tutorials are formally organized with well-prepared student tutors who have proven themselves excellent in the field they teach. These tutorial sessions are really remarkable events as testified of by the attendance of many members and nonmembers. The association has over the past few years has developed a unique and excellent program preparing students in their third year for the Krok 1 medical exams. These Krok tutorial preparations have been one of the major ways that many students have come to hear about ICMAU. The Krok preparations have yielded some great success in the results of the candidates. Our tutorials are always run with devotional sessions or with a Bible study discussion.

With missions, the association is keenly interested in spreading the Word of God. This we do through hostel evangelism and visitations, village outreaches, general evangelism including park outreaches, peer evangelism, social media evangelism.  The Saline Process has been taught twice in Kharkiv which is a one-day training on how to share the love of Christ in the medical context.  “Internet Evangelism Day” is scheduled for the 6th day of every month. Other avenues for missions include orphanage outreaches and ministry to refugees, which continue till the refugee camp is dissolved.

Monthly Bible study outlines are a means for spiritual nourishment for the association coupled with weekly online prayers. The association is very keen on developing spiritual significance through the projects run by the mission department.

In some special instances, the academics and missions are woven together into a single event. Notable amongst them are our local conferences, dinners, and other symposia.  ICMAU Kharkiv local conferences have become a means for augmenting the participants with basic clinical skills.  Events by ICMA Kharkiv are well structured and planned based on a theme chosen for that particular calendar year.

Chosen by the leadership council of ICMAU to host the 10th conference, we are most eager to welcome you to be refreshed, enlightened and to embrace the ICMAU vision and mission.  Come participate and be part of the celebration of this 10th anniversary!


Highlights and General Information

Watch the 2016 Highlights Video! 

15672619_1146103962172928_4590231707912930497_nThe conference is a time to get to know experts in many fields of study as well as time to get to know others who are currently in your field of study. in 2016 (2016 Video,   2015 video) we had over 600 participating (in 2015 attendance was over 400).  from all over the world. It was a good opportunity to make contacts with worldwide medical organizations, learn new skills and experience one on one conversations and connect with other medical professionals and grow spiritually.  We are dedicated to making this experience one where you are able to take the knowledge and expertise from the conference into exam room During the 2017 Conference we had attendees come from more than 30 countries. We invite you to travel and attend in October 2019!

Poltava4 2015Add your unique culture and country to the international efforts to equip young medical professionals both professionally and spiritually.Turkanik 2015 Want to know more about our organization? We have written a short history. 

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